Summer Internships Abroad for 2023 & 2024

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Summer Internship Programs Abroad

Summer Internships Abroad for 2023 & 2024

Guide to summer internships abroad

An overseas summer internship is a great opportunity to develop a broader perspective and differentiate yourself in the job market, without delaying your prospective graduation date.

If you’re wondering how to make your goal of doing a summer internship abroad in 2023 or 2024 a reality, we’re here to help! Read on for a comprehensive overview of the top places to intern abroad, how to find summer internships, tips for applying, and other essential tips and tricks to enhance your experience abroad!

Types of summer internships abroad

There are a few different types of summer internships you can find abroad.

  • Paid internships are becoming more common as organizations recognize their value. By investing in quality interns and offering proper training, companies may even consider offering select individuals a full-time position.
  • Internships for credit should closely align with your field of study and may require an academic sponsor, research, and presenting your findings at the end of the summer. This is a great way to gain real-world international experience while obtaining course credit.
  • Non-profit internships shouldn’t be overlooked just because they're unpaid. These organizations often welcome enthusiastic and passionate interns who want to make a difference and can provide defining experiences that provide career insight.
  • Service learning internships allow you to give back to the community while gaining relevant knowledge in your desired field. Setting clear goals and taking time to self-reflect are key components of this type of internship.

Best countries for summer internships

Start your international internship search by looking at programs in these countries!


Pack up and head down under to Australia for a fun and exciting internship experience abroad! The country’s varied economy combines great job opportunities, including marketing, fashion, and environmental research, with a welcoming culture. An added bonus is that English is the primary language in Australia, so fret not about balancing a new work culture while adapting to another language. Australia’s popular cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and more – also boast beautiful parks, beaches, wilderness, and city life that are all worth exploring. Just remember that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is winter in the Southern Hemisphere.


With one of the largest economies in Europe and a range of thriving industries, England offers many internship opportunities during the summer months that will help your career forward! The most popular internship location is London – a hub for global business that offers both a meaningful work experience and a spectacular city experience. Similar to Australia, England is also a primarily English-speaking country, making it a great option for those without fluency in another language.


With one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and an increasing global influence, China is becoming a top destination for internships abroad. From Beijing to Shanghai and beyond, you’re guaranteed to gain valuable international work experience in various industries, including business, finance, and marketing.


Looking for professional development, plus sunshine and beaches? Spain might be the perfect summer internship abroad for you. Its largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona, are sure to help you gain relevant career experience as leading cultural and economic centers. Head over now to work in industries such as business or hospitality while enjoying Spain’s incredible fiestas, nightlife, and beautiful landscape!

Where to apply for summer internships

Here at Go Overseas, you can search for summer programs based on country, internship type, and other filters to find the best programs to fit your career goals. To begin, review the programs below and read real reviews from previous alum. Many providers will match you with an internship that fits your goals and qualifications.

Another great option is to hop over to the GO Job Board, where companies from around the world post jobs and internships they are currently recruiting for.

If you still haven’t found your dream program, external job sites, Google searches, and company websites can offer a fresh listing of paid internships to apply to.

How to get a summer internship abroad

While requirements vary depending on the country, industry, and various other factors, these are generally the steps you’ll need to follow to land a summer internship:

  1. Check that you meet the eligibility requirements, especially academic, language, and visa qualifications
  2. Prepare your application materials, such as your resume (CV), cover letter, portfolio, and/or personal statement of purpose
  3. Submit any necessary documents or paperwork, including academic transcripts from your home university and letters of recommendation
  4. Prepare for the interview!
  5. Apply for a visa

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