When most people think studying abroad in England, they probably imagine rainy days studying in the library with a cuppa tea. No? Just me? Alright then, how about a beautiful, sunny day spent in the English countryside for a field trip and a weekend spent rolling cheese down a steep hill? Yes? Brilliant! England has a lot to offer during the summer, making it an ideal summer study abroad location!

There are a variety of programs offered during summer sessions. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box study abroad opportunity, a summer program may be a good fit for you. Although you can always find a program that offers classes to fill your general requirements, a lot of summer programs offer fun, quirky electives. You can also get an internship in lieu of classes!

CAPA offers a summer program in London where students can take classes and find an internship. CAPA generally will offer housing as a home stay option or a shared apartment in London.

API offers a summer program at the University of Leeds in England. Students can stay in college dorms and take classes such as Electronic Music: History and Practice or The Olympic Games – Sport in the UK.

Important Things to Consider

Take a look at some of these basic facts about summertime in England to get you pumped about your study abroad trip!

The Weather For students planning to study abroad in England, their biggest hang up is probably the weather. While England is famous for its rainy days, most students daydream about frolicking about in the European sunshine. But never fear! Average summer temperatures in England are about 70º F but can occasionally be as high as 90º F. While rain is always a possibility, there is a greater chance of sunshine throughout the summer. However, it’s smart to purchase a mini umbrella and leave it in your purse or backpack, just in case!

Cost of Airfare While studying abroad during the summer is awesome, the airfare may have a higher price tag. Summer is prime tourist season, as most students are off from school and racked up vacation days are put to use. Depending on your location, airfare to England will vary. However, a roundtrip nonstop flight from New York to London in the summer can cost roughly $900 or more. If you book your flight as soon as possible, you may get lucky and find a cheaper fare! It is also typically cheaper to fly in the middle of the week rather than a weekend. If you still need to cut costs, consider a connecting flight, rather than nonstop, for a cheaper option.

A Few Quick Packing Tips

Before you try and dump your entire closet into a suitcase, remember these packing tips for a summer in England.

Bring some warm clothing. Yes, it is summer time, and yes, it can get hot (the past few years have seen a summer heat-wave.) However, the temperature might drop on a rainy day or it might cool down at night. Do yourself a favor and bring some long pants and a sweater.

You don’t need to bring every article of clothing you own. Yes, before you leave it’s easy to imagine the perfect scenario where you can wear that ball gown you have hidden in your closet. But trust me, you don’t need it. It’s better to do laundry there and bring a smaller selection and accessories that you can mix and match rather than bringing four suitcases. Remember, you’ll only be there for a month or two! Better to pack less so you can shop more once you arrive!

England is a beautiful country at any time of year, but it’s even better in the summer sunshine! The Brits tend to flock outside on a sunny day to soak up that Vitamin D, so why not join them?

You can go to a festival! England is all about summer festivals! No matter what kind of scene or music you’re looking for, England is guaranteed to host a summer festival to your liking. To list them all would take ages, but here are a few to get you pumped!

Glastonbury is in Somerset and takes place at the end of June. With performers such as The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkey and Mumford & Sons, you need to buy tickets as early as October.

Wireless Festival is now at the Olympic Park in London around mid-July. Headliners such as Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Calvin Harris put tickets prices around £200!

Wrap up the festival season with Bestival in September in the Isle of Wight. Past performers have included Elton John, Snoop Dog (Snoop Cat? Lion? Panther?), M.I.A. and Franz Ferdinand. Be sure to bring a fun costume, as festival goers love to dress up!

If you happen to find yourself in Gloucestershire towards the end of May, be sure to stop by the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race. Although not quite a festival, it’s definitely worth stopping by this event to watch grown men run down a very steep hill after a wheel of cheese. I swear it, you can’t make this stuff up!

Contributed by Sarah Morgan

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