If you don't want to study abroad in spring or fall, summer is a perfect alternative. You can spend a season exploring a new destination, enhance your education, and come back to campus with a world of experiences. Even better, many summer study abroad programs are shorter and more budget-friendly than semester-long alternatives.


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With our EF Shanghai School Directors
Zachary Benetatos
I just got back from my experience with EF in Shanghai, China- and it was absolutely incredible. You might be confused because of some Beijing reviews, but basically, the school has just transferred...
Sunset after looking for elephants
Tyla Myburgh
This was by far a life changing experience and one I recommend anyone to do if they are granted the opportunity. Whilst it may seem daunting at first being away for 6 weeks, take that leap into the...
Real-life examples of successful start-ups
Dasha Shvaikovskaya
Incredible opportunity to learn how to develop and launch your very own start-up company in a vibrant, international start-up environment in just 15 days! This was definitely one of the best...
War Museum in London
Josie Mills
MEI was an incredible experience. I did the trip 'Trek Through Europe', where I took history and english. The teachers were all incredible. Learning history where it actually happened furthered my...