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10 Up & Coming Places to Intern Abroad in 2019

Liz Shemaria
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Liz is a freelance journalist, third-generation Northern Californian, and studied abroad in Florence, Italy.

When you could pick anywhere in the world to intern abroad, where do you even begin?

Do you look at the globe and randomly select a country, do you go to your favorite vacation destination, or to the place where you speak the language? If you want to stand out to future employers or graduate schools, you might want to consider thinking outside the box, by choosing a destination that may not be where everyone else is going. Or by picking a job in an industry that's highly specialized.

(If on the other hand, you want to go to some of the most popular and best intern destinations, we have a list of those too!)

We have chosen the countries below because we at Go Overseas feel that they have something special to offer, by giving you a unique cultural experience, including diverse language study, or an internship in a field that you might not find in other places. Read on to learn about some of the up-and-coming internship destinations you could consider in 2019.


Peru is an exciting internship destination if you want to practice your Spanish while learning about a country with a rich archeological and cultural history. The South American nation was once home to the oldest civilization in the Americas, and several empires, including the Incas and their world wonder -- Machu Picchu. While living in Peru, you could explore the natural beauty of its landscapes, from the Andes mountains to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin. Or, you could go for a city vibe, absorbing the vibrant capital, Lima, with its population of more than 10 million, innovative food scene, and beautiful beaches.

If you want to contribute your time to an NGO, or to helping people improve their lives, Peru might be a great option for you. You could assist local families in getting necessary medical care in rural areas, or work on projects that empower women through education, nutrition, and finance workshops in Lima. If you'd like to learn about events and fund-raising, you could get some on-the-ground experience in Cusco. The opportunities in Peru are as vast as its cultures and landscapes.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Peru


Chile is one of the America's most prosperous nations and its capital, Santiago, is a modern city filled with opportunities. Its rising skyline includes the tallest building in Latin America -- the Gran Torre Santiago -- and it has dozens of universities, and a metro system to help you explore its various neighborhoods. Outside of the city, you can venture off to see a country with a variety of climates and landscapes -- from the world's driest desert to a territory of Antarctica. You could hike stunning national parks and Patagonia, or explore quaint villages.

If you pick Chile for your internship destination, you can head for the city or the countryside. You could intern with a local business or startup in Santiago, or help people get much-needed healthcare across the country. If you want to learn Spanish, you can add language study to your internship, or use the skills you have to help you get the most out of your time.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Chile:


When you think of Malaysia, the capital -- Kuala Lumpur -- and its twin tours (the tallest in the world and headquarters for the Petronas oil company), might come to mind. It's true that the country is an international business hub, it is also one of the world's largest exporters of semiconductor devices, and one of the most developed nations in Asia. Because English is the country's second language, you might find it easier to get by while living in Malaysia than in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is a place you'll want to pick if you are interested in a wide range of opportunities. You could work with multinational corporations in international business development in Kuala Lumpur. Or, you could support marine conservation efforts for turtles on the beach, or head to Borneo -- a remote tropical island -- for an education and coaching internship with kids.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Malaysia:


Hungary is best known for its capital and largest city, Budapest, a place where you'll find the most internship opportunities in the country. There, you'll wander among neighborhoods that are being transformed into hip hangouts before your eyes. The city has a thriving international community with people from across the world converging there to work in fashion, the arts, technology, and entertainment. Across Hungary, the Danube and Tisza rivers, plains, mountains, and 10 national parks, are options for exploration.

You have a lot of possibilities for your internship in Hungary. You could work in mathematics education or Healthcare in Budapest, or create a customizable internship in the arts or another sector in other parts of the country.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Hungary:


Russia is the world's largest country (which spans 11 time zones) by area and has a thriving economy across international business, finance, engineering, natural resources, and dozens of other sectors. Add to that its dynamic political and cultural history, and you'll find that Russia is an intriguing place for an internship. In your free time, you can explore UNESCO World Heritage designated St. Petersburg and the Hermitage -- the largest museum in the world -- or learn about the country's 170 different ethnic groups and 100 languages.

If the possibilities in Russia seem overwhelming, you could start by looking into an education or engineering internship in sprawling Moscow, or an engineering or marketing opportunity in Moscow or St. Petersburg. You might want to learn some Russian along the way, especially if you go for an education or media internship that could place you across the country.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Russia:


There is more to Germany than Oktoberfest and beer halls! By spending a few weeks or months interning in the most populated member state of the European Union, you'll get to learn about the country's political, artistic, and cultural history. With 16 states, the nation includes rural farmland to busy cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt. English is widely spoken, so you may find it a good option if you are a beginner with the German language.

You could head to Germany to work in the capital and largest city, Berlin, to learn about startups, the arts, or how to become an entrepreneur. Or, you could create a personalized internship in another part of Germany working in one of its other major industries like automotive, science, technology, or tourism.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Germany:


Living la dolce vita in Italy is an easy choice for an internship, because why not have an excuse to eat gelato and pizza frequently. In Italy, you'll have your pick of historically rich towns and cities like Florence, and Rome or you could head North to cosmopolitan Milan. From the countryside of Tuscany to the beaches of the Amalfi Coast and Puglia, Italy has ample opportunities for relaxation while you aren't working. And did we mention the food?

If you love art, history, and museums, you may want to consider an internship in Rome or Florence. If fashion is your passion, Milan -- which is considered one of the world's fashion and design capitals -- may be the place for you, where you'll find headquarters for brands like Missoni, Prada, and Valentino. Business internships are also found throughout the major cities of Italy. Italy is one of the most popular destinations for internships and study abroad, meaning you'll likely meet expats and locals, and there are numerous programs to select from.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Italy:


Considered one of the safest countries in the world, the Nordic island of Iceland -- with its 330,000 citizens -- is a tranquil choice for an internship. In your free time, you can explore glaciers, volcanoes, and what are considered some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Its diverse geographic characteristics provide ample opportunities for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) internships. While the close community environment means you can contribute to smaller organizations.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Iceland:


Pursuing an internship in Norway means you'll get to experience a country with dramatic coastlines, that was ranked #1 on the World Happiness Report list, and is said to have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Experience a new culture while learning about Norse and Viking traditions, and marveling at the Northern Lights, glaciers, and fjords.

Norway is a global leader in a few key industries -- it has significant oil and mineral resources, and is the world's second largest exporter of fish -- making it a great choice for business, engineering, or science internships. If you are interested in finance, you may wan to consider it, since the country has the second highest GDP per-capita among European countries.

Inspiring Internship Opportunities in Norway:


If you want to head off the beaten path in Southern Europe, consider Croatia, which sits at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea. You'll find resorts and hotels lining the Adriatic Coast and many blue flag beaches that are great weekend breaks. Croatia has been ranked among the top 20 tourist destinations in the world, meaning there are ample opportunities to work in tourism and related industries there.

You could have the beach as your office while working as an open water scuba instructor in Southern Croatia. Or you could assist Gap Medics by working as a healthcare intern. If you are interested in tourism, Medulin can help you find an opportunity that will fit your interests.

Inspiring Interns hip Opportunities in Croatia:

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Wherever you decide to go, remember that selecting the best international internship is about you -- to help you grow your professional career and prepare yourself to be successful. The more unique your internship and your experience is, the more you will stand out when you apply for your dream job. Why not pick a country that's a bit unexpected, or a job in a specialized field, to stretch yourself and see a new part of the world?