The Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad

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There’s one thing that’s truer than ever these days: it is so hard to find a job! More and more people are pursuing a college degree, which means that a degree alone is no longer enough to make your resume stand out from the crowd. You need something else, something big, something out there, that will make sure your CV doesn’t get dumped on the slush pile!

Enter: interning abroad to the rescue! Doing an internship abroad is a surefire way to make your future employer gasp in admiration. Seriously, they love it! And why wouldn’t they? Interning abroad shows that you’re independent, open-minded, and are willing to take risks, all of which are perfect characteristics for any job role.

When you intern in a new city, you will be guaranteed an experience like no other. You’ll be able to really get to know a new culture by living like a local, work in an international environment, learn a new language, improve your communication skills, and gain confidence that you can carry with you into your career. You’ll learn invaluable lessons about your chosen field from a unique perspective and you’re bound to make a few new friends from across the globe.

Whilst you can source your own internship, it is generally recommended to use a program placement service to help you; yes it will cost you a little more, but the help you will receive will be more than worth it. Check out these best cities to intern abroad in and be sure to check the additional links to help aid your research further.

#10. Sydney, Australia

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Sydney, Australia

A professional yet laid back place, Sydney could be the perfect choice for you if you want the city experience but not all of the pandemonium that comes with it. Australia can offer you glorious wildlife and a beautiful climate and the capital city of New South Wales has a vibrant culture just waiting to be explored.

Walk along Darling Harbor; climb the Harbour Bridge; marvel at The Sydney Opera House, hike in The Blue Mountains; drink coffee along The Rocks, and chill out on the famous Bondi Beach. The main industries that Sydney offers are: health care and social assistance; manufacturing; scientific and technical services; education and training and financial and insurance services.

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#9. Auckland, New Zealand

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is a cool little country which is actually split into two islands with Auckland near the top of the North Island. The country is often thought of hand-in-hand with its neighbor Australia, but actually they are worlds apart. Auckland is quite large and offers internships in almost all areas but those most rewarded areas here will be – adventure tourism; environmental science; marine biology; architecture; film; and hospitality.

Most internships will coincide with university schedules but other opportunities can be arranged for you. The people in Auckland are experienced professionals and will encourage you to really participate and get involved with your internship – this is of course the best you can hope for.

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#8. Florence, Italy

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Florence, Italy

Florence is a beautiful city and one that is steeped in years of history, literature, artwork and politics. The city is known as Italy’s capital of culture and one visit here will have you begging to return time and time again. Italy is a relaxed country and your internship experience is bound to be full of hard work followed by hard relaxation. Sounds good doesn’t it?

The main industries offering internships here are: Architecture and Design; Art; Theatre; Photography; Film and Television; Education; Museums; Publishing; Business; Communications and Advertising. Whilst these are the main areas Florence offers internships in almost any industry you can think of, and they are available all year round.

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#7. Mumbai, India

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Mumbai, India

India houses the 2nd largest population in the entire world and it shares its border with six other countries (it's a cool place to travel from!). It is one of the most diverse countries that you can intern abroad in on the planet, housing a wide variety of climates, ethnicities, cultures, religions and languages.

If you choose to intern in Mumbai you can be sure of one thing: this will be the most unique experience of your life so far. The biggest industries here in Mumbai: Telecommunications; Textiles; Chemical and Food Processing. Internships are offered all year round but you might want to consider that if you’re planning to visit between July and September you will enter the monsoon season.

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#6. Bangkok, Thailand

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Bangkok, Thailand

The people of Thailand are well known for their hospitality so you are sure to receive a warm welcome when you land in the city of Bangkok. Known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ Thailand is bursting with culture from Buddhist temples to delicious food and it offers some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. If you’re a lover of the great outdoors you’ll appreciate the new conservation efforts through the country.

Bangkok is sure to offer you an internship that will leave you begging for more, you can find placements all year round and in almost any industry. Bangkok’s main industries are: Tourism; Textiles; agricultural; garments; beverages; computers; electrical appliances; furniture; plastics and automobiles.

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#5. Cuernavaca, Mexico

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Cuernavaca, Mexico

Cuernavaca is the capital city of the state Morelos and it lays about 85km south of Mexico City. Cuernavaca is also home to many students who come to the city to study Spanish. Interning here will guarantee that you will meet many like-minded people and practice your Spanish skills too. The city enjoys a warm, stable climate, and many famous people have chosen this city as a place for their summer residencies.

Internship placements can be found year round and some will require you to take Spanish lessons during your first couple of weeks. The main industries offered here are: Electronics; Food and Beverages; Tobacco; Chemical; Iron and Steel; Petroleum; Mining; Textiles; Clothing; Motor Vehicle, and Tourism.

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#4. Barcelona, Spain

Best Cities to Find An Internship Abroad: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most traveled to destinations and it’s easy to see why. Its rich history has created a beautiful culture and gorgeous architecture which is more than just aesthetically pleasing. The city is very modern and there is always something happening around the clock. Barcelona has the power to appeal to all your senses in one go.

The city is steeped with museums, churches and cathedrals which are a dream to wander around. When you’re not busy in your new role you can do a ton of exploring. The main industries here are Journalism, Tourism, Business and Finance, but like most cities, you can find placements in almost any industry. Just research, research, research beforehand!

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#3. Beijing, China

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Beijing, China

If you’re looking to experience something really different while you intern then Beijing could be the city for you. China’s capital city is right in the thick of it when it comes to the Chinese economy. Interning in Beijing will offer you not only an in-depth experience of your chosen field and the chance to discover a new world.

Beijing is all about business and economics so you’ll find great internships in Accounting and Finance; E-commerce; Public Relations; ICT; Event Management and Consulting and Marketing. There are also offers in Advertisement; Architecture; Art and Design amongst others. Beijing offers internships year round and for any length of time. Most companies prefer a minimum commitment of one month.

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#2. London, England

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: London, England

Ever dreamed of heading to the UK to explore the capital city? with its modern vibes and lush green parks you can find a place to suit your mood at any time of day.It is a dynamic place that is rich in history and offers loads of attractions that you can explore in your free time. You could check out Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussauds to name but a few.

Internships in London are available all year round so don’t limit your experience to just the summer. The city is well known for its financial and media distribution industries but it’s also a huge centre for international business and commerce. In fact the city is home to the headquarters of more than half of the UK’s top 100 listed companies.

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#1. Paris, France

Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad: Paris, France

Paris; it’s the most visited city in the world and it’s been labeled as one of the most influential. You’ll never be stuck for things to do in Paris and your internship placement here will be held in high stead with your future employees. If you’re into the arts Paris is one of the best cities you can hope to be.

Paris is popular with both students who wish to study the language and tourists who are attracted by its romantic appeal. Paris has beautiful streets, beautiful people and great food. The main industries hiring will be: Fashion; Manufacturing; Media; Arts and Tourism. Most internship placements are available here throughout the year but there are some who will only offer summer positions.

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